O'Brien's Jewelers- Peoria & Champaign, Illinois- U.S.A.

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Females as well as males love to wear jewellery made from precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. However, the rise in the prices of these metals over the past few years have forced people to stop purchasing golden chains or rhodium coated silver chains. Since platinum costs the most, it is beyond the reach of the common person. Would it not be awesome if one could purchase trinkets made from these metals at a heavy discount? This is exactly what they can get by joining a club run by a famous jeweller. In fact, members can expect a discount of 25% when they purchase their requirements of ornaments made from silver, gold, and platinum from this club.

Awesome quality

The club tries its best to provide top quality products to its members. Therefore, each item on sale over there is unique and is sure to make heads turn around when you wear them and walk on the street or visit any party or gathering with chains or earrings adorning you. If this is not enough, the owner of this club has opted to offer a special gift to anybody who purchases their requirements from this store. You might be worried that you cannot avail of the facilities offered by this club because you reside in a country different from the one where the club is located.

Caters to people worldwide

You need not worry since you can purchase your needs from their online store irrespective of your geographical location. The site is about to launch and it is time for you to become a member as soon as possible, unless you want to miss a special offer. The owners of the website are busy putting final touches to it. Based on their information, they will offer £500 worth of chains, bracelets, cuff links, tie pins, earrings, and much more once they launch their site. You can learn more about this club and details on how to join it by visiting their website.

Down history lane

The website of this small family run business also provides you an option to learn this history of nickel silver and sterling silver. Armed with this information you can understand how and why the price of silver increased during the past couple of decades. You might be wondering how they can offer the costly metal items as such ridiculously low prices. This is possible since they purchase their requirements in bulk directly from the manufacturers. Do not delay and be one of the first to sign up and have an opportunity to get a gift.

The O'Brien family has been in the jewelry business for over thirty years. In 1972, Michael O'Brien purchased the Moores' Jewelers from the Moores' brothers, who had a jewelry store in downtown Peoria, Illinois since 1925. Michael and his wife, Lynn, are both Graduate Gemologists that work in the business. Their son, Kirby, could be the next generation gemologist!

Over the years we have strived to offer only the very finest in jewelry & service. This philosophy has permitted us to meet or exceed our customers' expectations- year after year.

Moores' jewelers is one of the original stores in Northwoods Mall in Peoria, Illinois. The year 1978 saw the opening of O'Brien's Jewelers store in Champaign, Illinois. In 1998, the Moore's store became O'Briens, and both stores moved to larger locations outside of the malls.

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O'Brien's Peoria, IL- 1135 W. Glen Avenue (309) 691-4300

Email; MObrien114@aol.com